B Jones

B Jones


My principal place of residence is in the Whanganui District area.

A diabetic for 30 years, I’m an advocate for health and disability, alongside the sport and facilities; to maintain a healthy balance, for the arts; and small and big business alike.

I am a member of the Whanganui Musicians Club so I am out in the community after studying and travelling, I have a wide arrange of good people around me. And many other organisations regarding the entertainment field; I understand that having places for people to collaborate is highly important to liberty, excitement, job creation and wealth, monetary and knowledge. I studied at Victoria University Music, media studies in Nelson. Am of Nga Wairiki Ngati Apa and Ngati Kahungunu descent, our family has a strong connection to the Whanganui area.

I stand on the platform of

Old age care

Disability advocacy and

Opportunities for all specialities and skill levels