Thinking of standing for Council?

Nominations open Friday 15 July and close 12 noon on Friday 12 August.

Don’t leave your nomination to the last minute! If there are any issues with your paperwork you’ll need time to fix them before nominations close. We encourage you to submit them as early as possible.

There’s some really important information in the handbook so make sure you get familiar with it. It outlines rules for your campaign, including social media guidelines, signage rules, and how much you can spend.

It’s also a great idea to talk to people who have been on council before, or chat to council staff. Call us at the council and we can put you in touch.

Pre-election report for candidates

Make sure you get a copy of the Whanganui District Council pre-election report, which is prepared independently of the mayor and councillors. The report looks at the past three years, and outlines some of the key issues facing the district during the next three years (the next electoral term).

The pre-election report is also a source of information for the wider public. It aims to help voters understand the role of elected members and the work of the council when considering what the important issues are for their community.

Download a copy of the pre-election report.

Who can run for council?

To stand for election you must be:

  • A New Zealand citizen
  • Enrolled as a parliamentary elector (this also means you must be 18 or older)
  • Candidates must be nominated by two electors from that district or region.

Candidates need to pay a $200 deposit when they submit their nomination form. The deposit is refunded if the candidate polls greater than 25% of the lowest polling successful candidate for each election issue. The deposit is also refunded if no election is required.