Charlie Anderson

Charlie Anderson

My principal place of residence is in the Whanganui District area.

We speak of more inclusiveness and diversity amongst candidates who stand for council, this is not necessarily the best for our community. A candidate must be elected on each individual’s merits, having suitable ability and common sense before anything else. Climate change is big on council’s agenda. Although Cycle ways cover the country, we consume millions of litres of global warming fuel driving our kids to school while sadly the bike sheds remain empty. We have some wonderful cycle ways in Wanganui that get plenty of use mainly for exercise and social outings which is great. Time now for this council to spend more on roads and the dreadful state of our footpaths. I oppose 3 waters, this Government would steal our assets with dubious cash bribes, while it forces us to subsidise cities like Palmerston North and others’ failing infrastructure.

Vote carefully.

Charlie Anderson QSM JP