Dan jackson

Dan Jackson


My principal place of residence is in the Whanganui District area.

My concerns about Central Government’s Three Waters proposal prompted me to step forward for election but I have long wanted to serve my community.

I am 46, Whanganui born and educated, married, with four children who all live here.

I left school to become a reporter at the Whanganui Chronicle and later for the New Zealand Herald. After a short OE I returned to Whanganui and went into business with my father at our recycling yard on Heads Rd.

My careers brought me into contact with all of Whanganui’s peoples and industry and gave me an appreciation of their needs.

The Whanganui River and our beautiful climate, industry and the resourcefulness of the Whanganui people are our strengths.

I am concerned our democratic institutions are being undermined by people with narrow agendas.

I am not affiliated to any political party and will make my own mind up on issues.