Helen Craig

Helen Craig


My principal place of residence is in the Whanganui District area.

With 9 years’ experience on Council, I’ll continue to build a stronger community, businesses and grow jobs while tackling major Government reforms coming our way.

I’ve championed Whanganui to be the best we can be, through Keep NZ Beautiful Awards, town centre enhancements and business support – the town has never been so vibrant. I’ve spearheaded Heritage Month & Awards and lobbied for increased government assistance to save our heritage buildings. Our unique Museum and arts sectors are treasures I actively champion.

I oppose 3 Waters Reform, will continue to challenge NZTA over SH4 and push for a tourist hotel and more homes for a great future.

I’ve brought reforms at Council to turn around the District’s future and build growing attraction.

I’ve a clear vision, am hardworking and community focused, with business experience in Auckland and Singapore, a Fine Arts degree and a local sheep and beef farm.