Jenny Duncan

Jenny Duncan


My principal place of residence is in the Whanganui District area.

The next three years of Council will see unprecedented government generated change. ‘Three Waters’, ‘Resource Management Reform’ and ‘The Future for Local Government’ will all have a huge impact. It is very important that our local voice is heard and the changes work for us. My nine years of experience include six as deputy mayor, which means my role in the reform process will be experienced and informed.

There is more to do. Housing for our community is a priority – warm, dry, safe, accessible, and affordable housing is a must for everyone. Council must play a significant part in this.

We need to complete the Port and North Mole projects, enhancing our marine environment and commercial marine activity. Coastal restoration, employment, climate adaptation and finding other funding mechanisms to reduce rates are all areas we must give our focus.

Whanganui is the home of our people. Let’s celebrate it together.