Julian (Judd) Bailey

Julian (Judd) Bailey


My principal place of residence is in the Kaitoke subdivision area.

Kia ora

I’m a local lad born and raised on our family Dairy Farm at Marybank, Upper Putiki, Whanganui. Which with my whanau we still manage and operate. Through these endeavours we are familiar with many issues currently facing our rural sector.

We are concerned how the 3 Waters will impact on the Rural sector, especially Farming, and the access of water.

Many will recall our personal Wetland Project with my late sister Moari Bailey. With the help of volunteers, designated swamp wasteland transformed into a productive wetland environment.

I am intensely concerned with the state of our waterways and measures we can adopt to clean them. Intense riparian planting of waterways as a filtering system just one measure we have personally adopted.

Along with the expansion of town housing into rural lands and the impact on rural infrastructure such as roading, waste water and sewage management.

Thank you.