Peter Oskam

Peter Oskam

No spin. Straightforward - Whanganui subdivision

My principal place of residence is in the Whanganui subdivision area. I am also standing for Whanganui Council.

Whanganui – I’m proud of it. A great place to raise your kids – safe, with a strong sense of local connection.
My roots go deep – embracing our community, land and river. I want to do my bit.

Local government isn’t about making decisions for people. It’s about making decisions with them.

That’s respect. That’s trust. It takes listening. Sometimes the issue isn’t the decision, but how the decision is made. I’m not a guy who wants to change the world by waving a banner, or party ticket. It’s about balance. Sometimes, we need a steady hand. Other times, we need to give things a fair nudge. Restoring balance that’s been lost.

I’ve enjoyed business success.  I’m Chair of the Rural Community Board.

As a councillor, I’ll work with high energy and purpose.

Bringing an open heart and an open mind to the job. That’s who I am.