Rob Vinsen

Rob Vinsen

Ratepayer Focused

My principal place of residence is in the Whanganui District area.

Rates affordability is at the top of my considerations – and, if reelected, I will be vigilant in resisting desires for a bigger council Government imposed reforms like Three Waters, and increasing centralization will require experienced councillors who are focused on gaining the best outcomes for our district.

I offer a balanced, commonsense approach to decision making and believe that a blend of institutional knowledge and experience, with some new energy added, will make the best Council for our district.

In seeking your support for a fifth, and final term, I offer my experience, my commitment to a totally transparent Council and to you and our district as an innovative and truly independent councillor.

I will continue to be accessible and responsive to all in our community

Current Chair Waste Advisory Group, Trustee Maria Place Recycling Centre. Rob has a business background owning Retail stores throughout the Lower North Island.