Scott Phillips

Scott Phillips

My principal place of residence is in the Whanganui District area.

I grew up here in Whanganui and it feels good to be back. I studied Mechanical Engineering at Auckland University and then went to work in the transport industry. I was the Operations Manager for the Auckland branch of a national transport company for over 10 years, before going back to truck driving.

My wife and I bought a house on Durie Hill over 10 years ago and last year, we made Whanganui our home. Heritage buildings make Whanganui a unique place and I support their preservation and improvement.

Whanganui has a well known motorsport scene that must be protected with sufficient resources, alongside our well established arts and music community. I like a good V8 and attend Heavy Metal shows. I enjoy my role as an inclusive wedding celebrant for couples from all walks of life. I look froward to serving the Whanganui community.